Belt Conveyor

As a main product we manufacture Belt conveyors for different industries like Construction Equipments, Crushers, Incense Making Plants, Food, Pharmaceutical & Packing industries from 300 mm width to 1500 mm width up to any required length. We also provide complete material handling solution having more than one conveyor synchronized with another plant or equipment with fix as well as variable speed along with manual Electric Control Panel as well as fully automatic electronic panel suitable to customer’s specific requirement.

Three piece Guide Roller with Bracket Assembly

As shown in picture, three roller types Idler/ Guide Roller assembly is available with Bracket of 20, 30 and 45 degree Inclination as per application. These inclined Idlers are used to convey large quantity of different type of bulk material.

Impact Roller with Bracket Assembly

To absorb Impact of Material flowing on the loading point and to protect Conveyor Belt, some Rollers are used with Rubber Rings, which are known as Impact Idlers/ Impact Rollers.This is also a Guide Roller but it is along with the Rubber rings of appropriate size. Qty/no of rubber rings are depend upon the length of Roller. This Rubber Rings are inserted on the Roller after complete assembly of Roller.

Self Aligned Three piece Guide Roller with Bracket Assembly

Basically to prevent the conveyor belt, from running away from centre of the Conveyor, these self aligning Idlers with Various angles & design are available. Due to eccentric loading, soiling slippage of the material to the drum pulleys and misalignment of Conveyor structure may cause the belt to run twisted /crooked.